What is a Stock? (инфографика с переводом)

All Companies need money to start or grow their business. One way a company can raise money is to divide itself into little pieces and sell these pieces to investors through what is known as an Initial Public Offering, or IPO. Each little piece is called a share of stock.


  • stock - акция, ценная бумага

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering) - первичное размещение акций

  • share - также акция; доля акционера в капитале предприятия

  • entitled to - имеющий право на ч/л

  • profit - прибыль, доход

  • surplus - избыточный доход

  • supply and demand - спрос и предложение

  • value - ценность, стоимость

  • decrease - снижение, спад